Blouse Orgueil - PDF pattern for women - easy

Vanity ("Orgueil" in french) "Don’t I look just perfect in this #blouseorgueilAM (you’re wondering if I’m serious?). I know you said yes, and you will look perfect in it too! Despite my vanity (or “Orgeuil” as the French say), I must share a big secret with you. I designed this top to look perfect in spite of my faults.Yes, yes guilty! I do have my own faults! The first is I’m quite lazy and don’t push myself to get a good workout, club that with indulging in a good dessert… I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what that does to my waistline (lol)! This #blouseorgueilAM never fails to remind me that I am capable, and should always take pride in all I do, whatever the challenges. Not having to worry about a wardrobe malfunction first thing in the morning, or letting oneself indulge a little while catching up with friends at a bistro is really the cherry on the cake after a long day of work. Enough of my story. Let’s see you in your #blouseorgueilAM!

Das ist dabei:

  • PDF Sewing Pattern A4 and US Letter to print at home
  • Step by step instructions with pictures
  • French sizes 34 - 46 (= US 2-14, UK 6-18)

Du brauchst:

  • For printing and gluing the pdf sewing pattern, you need Scissors, adhesive tape and enough printing paper in the printer
  • If width 110 (cm) : 180 cm length (200 cm if you chose to make the long sleeves)
  • If width 140 (cm) : 150 cm length (170 cm if you chose to make the long sleeves)
  • Bias for the back yoke : 50 cm
  • Ribbon : 90 cm (I advice you to choose the same color for the bias and the ribbon)
  • * : choose a coton, a linen, a light velvet, wax, tencel,...
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Atelier Maelström

Welcome to my page ! If you found me, i'm guessing you share my passion: sewing, sewing clothes for myself, sewing for my friends, sewing makes me happy, and you too I believe ! I am Mathilde from France, 27 years old and a passionate sewer. I graduated from fashion school in 2013, where I specialised in women's ready-to-wear. I have worked in the sectors of lingerie and luxury leather goods. Using what i have, and what I learn on a continuous basis, it is my great pleasure to share with you patterns in PDF format along with sewing instructions to help you, if you need them.

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