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Whale toy sewing pattern - PDF instant download (en)

von Crafty Kooka
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*patterns included *suitable for Intermediates *whale toy pattern *Step-by-step sewing pattern *Illustrated toy sewing pattern


Humpback Whale Pattern, sew your own soft toy,

finished size is approx 66cm (26”)

Instant download pdf sewing pattern with step-by-step illustrations to help you along the way

Humpbacks are found in every ocean. and here in the south east of ireland we're luck enough to have an occasional visit from one of these giants of the sea.

These beautiful creatures are among the largest on earth. Humpbacks have a distinctive stocky body shape, with long pectoral fins. They can grow to 16 meters (52 feet) long and can weigh about 36,000 kg (79,000 lb).

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You can use any fabric to make your Whale. Be as creative as you like. We used wool felt for a warm huggable old fashioned feel but you can use whichever materials you like, cotton, Linen, plush, minky, etc

You will need:

sewing machine needle thread (a light colour and a dark colour) toy stuffing scissors safety eyes (Approx17mm) Whale’s back : fabric : 25cm x 160m (10x63”) Whale's underbelly fabric : 25cm x 170cm (10x67”) A sheet of Wadding (or batting) for the tail and fins : 60cm x 60cm (24x24”)

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