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Tulle Dress- sewing pattern and explanations

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    Das ist alles dabei:

    • Sewing patterns from size XS to size XL
    • Instructions booklet with illustrations and text
    • Cutting layout for different sizes and fabric width for a zero waste goal


    The Tulle dress sewing pattern is either a summer dress either a nightdress or lounge dress. It has a flared cut which starts below a long V neckline. The dress is sleeveless and has facings on the armholes and neckline, which are trimmed with a bias. There is a white trimming to stitch along the neckline to avoid it stretching. The suitable fabrics are cotton voile, crepe, satin silk, cotton poplin, light linen etc. Our instruction booklet include cutting layout for different fabric width and different sizes from Xs to Xl, in order to reach a zero waste goal.

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    Diese Materialien brauchst du zu Hause:

    • Fabrics requirement see photo
    • Bias 5m
    • Elastic 3mm see photo
    • Tailor's chalk
    • Paper and fabric scissors
    • Pins
    • Safety pins
    • Threads
    • Sewing machine