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Sewing design pattern pyjamas for women Coba

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    Das ist alles dabei:

    • Sewing patterns from size XS to size XL
    • Instructions booklet with illustrations and text
    • Cutting layout for different fabric width and sizes for a zero waste goal !


    Das Schnittmuster von dem Frauen Schlafanzug geht von der Grösse XS bis zur Grösse XL. Inbegriffen finden Sie auch ein Buch mit ausführlichen Vorschriften. The sewing design pattern pyjamas for women Coba, can be worn as a lounge set too. It is made of a wrapped top and drawstring straightcut trousers. The top sleeves are a little bit flared. The pyjama Coba is shown on the picture with a printed satin cotton and two different plain fabrics for the facings. You can choose as well a printed fabric, or a plain one, which will contrast with the two other colors. Why not having the facings in printed fabrics, they are many possibilities. The pyjamas are lovely in satin cotton, soft cotton poplin, or a soft (not too much) satin silk. Our instruction booklet include cutting layout for different fabric width and different sizes from Xs to Xl, in order to reach a zero waste goal.

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    Diese Materialien brauchst du zu Hause:

    • Facings fabric requirement , * Fabric 1 60 cm , * Fabric 2 120 cm
    • Fabric for the wrapped top and trousers from 2.22m upto 3.90 m as per the size choosen and the fabric width.
    • Tailor's chalk
    • Paper and fabric scissors
    • Pins
    • Safety pins
    • Threads
    • Sewing machine
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