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Ella Pattern Jacket Vest Woman Ladies XS-4XL

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    • PDF-file step-by-step-sewind-instructions (A4)
    • incl. pattern piecies (A4)
    • Size 32/34 (XS) - 60/62 (4XL)
    • apt for beginners
    • sewing instructions in English and German
    • The pattern is designed for stretchable fabrics.


    ELLA is a pattern for women for a sweatshirt (knitted fabric) jacket or vest with a couple of variants.

    This pattern is suitable for a casual and comfortable sweatshirt or knitted fabric jacket or vest, but also apt for an elegant clothing for women.

    The pattern includes the following variants: - Two different back part variants - Long sleeves with cuffs - Sleeves without cuff (three-quarter or long sleeves) - Vest (without any sleeves) - With or without pockets - With a scarf or a tying ribbon (twine)

    All parts of the pattern include a seam allowance of 0.6 cm / 0.24”. The pattern is designed for stretchable fabrics (jersey, sweat, knitware, fleece, wool fabric (stretch)). The scarf can also be made from other suitable double-sided fabrics.

    The pattern ELLA contains: - PDF-File A4 (65 pages (48 pages with pattern piecies)) - Multi-size pattern woman 32/34 (XS), 36/38 (S), 40/42 (M), 44/46 (L), 48/50 (XL), 52/54 (2XL), 56/58 (3XL), 60/62 (4XL) - Languages: German, English - Step-by-step instructions with pictures, drawings and design examples

    Model 1 (without pockets, with scarf) is easily made within short time and therefore also suitable for beginners. Model 2 and model 3 (with pockets and draw cord or ribbon) are also made within short time; it requires, however, some sewing experiences.

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    Diese Materialien brauchst du zu Hause:

    • Printer A4
    • Paper Size A4
    • The pattern is designed for stretchable fabrics.
    • sewing machine and accessoires
    • scissors & scotch tape