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Egg Crochet Pattern (en)

von Little Conkers
2,75 € inkl. MwSt
Sofort zum Herunterladen!

Das ist alles dabei:
  • make the size and colour of your choice
  • illustrated with colour photos
  • UK and US versions included
  • full e-mail support


Create perfectly-proportioned eggs with this simple pattern.

Make them any size you like by varying your yarn and hook.

Embellish them further with stitching, beads, sequins etc, or just enjoy their natural beauty. These also work well if you make them in household string for the children to paint!

The pattern is fully illustrated with step-by-step colour photos, and is available in both UK and US terminology - you can choose whichever version you prefer to use.

All my patterns come with full support. If you have any difficulties, please e-mail me and I will be more than happy to help.

Please see my other crochet patterns.

Once purchased, this pattern remains the copyright of Little Conkers. You may not reproduce all or any part of this pattern. Please do not sell items made from this pattern, without express prior permission (which is usually granted) and credit.

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For an egg approximately the size of a hen's egg you will need:

  • around 16m of double knitting (DK, light worsted weight, Category 3) yarn
  • a 3.5mm hook
  • a small amount of stuffing material
  • a yarn needle
  • scissors
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