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ebook rattle grab toy rocket

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This pattern helps you, to crochet a great baby rattle.

Many pictures are included, as well as a detailled instruction how to sew it together


The first excursion into space can´t start early enough, at least in your phantasie.

Therefor I can offer you a crochet pattern for a rocket that rattles and fits in a babies hand as good as possible.

It will becom about 13x7x7 cm big, depending on the size of your wool

It can easily be crochet from a beginner

any questions left, don´t hesitate to contact me...

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The rocket can be crochet with left overs in the following colours: * Red, blue, green, yellow, grey, light yellow and orange (e.g. Catania Schachenmayr, 2,5 wool) * A hook no 3 * a darning needle *and some stuffing * A rattle ball, about 2,5 to 3 cm

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