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ebook Leo chamaeleon crochet

von masche-fuer-masche
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Das ist alles dabei:

This pattern includes lots of pictures and all the needed instructions to sew it together.

Each step ist explained seperatly


Taking a picture of Leo wasn´t that easy, as he love to melt into the Background. But it worked out, after a few tries.

He can be crochet by a beginner with a Little patience.

you should know about These techniques:

single crochet slip stitich chain half double crochet double crochet Magic circle de- and increase The pattern is detailed and includes many Pictures,

If you still got a question, don´t hesitate to contact me

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Diese Materialien brauchst du zu Hause:

Needed Materials:

  • 100 g green yarn Size 4- 5
  • Left overs in light green size 4- 5
  • Left overs in white size 2,5- 3,5
  • Left overs in rust size 2,5- 3,5
  • Left overs in black size 2,5- 3,5
  • Stuffing about ½ package

I used Schachenmayr Catania Grande for the 4- 5 Size yarn And Schachenmayr Catania for the 2,5- 3,5 sized yarn.

Needed Equipment:

  • Hook No. 4
  • Hook No. 3
  • Darning needle
  • scissors
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