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E-Pattern and Sewing Instructions Shawl-Cape INGE XS-4XL

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    Das ist alles dabei:

    • Step-by-Step-Sewing-Instructions
    • incl. pattern (PDF-File A4 (38 pages (30 pages pattern piecies))
    • Gr. XS 32/34 - 4XL 60/62
    • also for beginers


    All types of stretchy or non-stretchy fabric are suitable for the pattern of shawl-cape INGE: Walk material, wool, teddy bear fabric, knitwear, sweat material, jersey, fleece, cotton, silk, chiffon, fabrics with lining. The fabric you choose will determine the effect the shawl-cape has: romantic, festive, casual, snugly… The models are sewn quickly and easily and therefore also apt for beginners. !!! There are two ways to wear the shawl-cape, either as a long vest or as a cape.

    The pattern includes:

    • PDF-File A4 (38 pages (30 pages pattern piecies))
    • PDF-File Step-by-Step-Sewind-Instructions
    • Sewing instructions in German, English and Dutch language.
    • Multi-size pattern for women: 32/34 (XS), 36/38 (S), 40/42 (M), 44/46 (L), 48/50 (XL), 52/54 (XXL), 56/58 (3XL), 60/62 (4XL)
    • The pattern includes a seam allowance of 0.5 cm (0.2 inches).
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    Diese Materialien brauchst du zu Hause:

    • fabric
    • sewing machine
    • printer
    • paper