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Christmas elf chrochet pattern

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A cute pattern for christmas dekoration. If crochet in green, it is also a super cute decoration all year long.

The pattern includes lots of pictures


These small christmas elves are a great present or like to sit in every ones shelf and watch out for santa.

You can sit them by the window side, or place them on top of your desk.

A good start for a winter wonderland.

The become about 30 cm/ 12 inches tall, including the legs.

There is no difficult skills needed, but it is a bit time taking to crochet with teddie wool.

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Diese Materialien brauchst du zu Hause:

Needed equipment:

  • Hook no 3
  • Darning needle
  • scissors
  • paint brush

needed materials: (for all three)

  • 50g white teddy yarn size 4-5
  • 50 g white Brazilia yarn by Schachenmayr sizw 4-5
  • 50 g in red, light green, nude and light blue each, size 2,5- 3,5
  • Left overs in green, white and grey, size 2,5- 3,5
  • Some stuffing

(I described the red elf, you can change the colours as you like.)

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