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Bunny rabbit sewing pattern - pdf sewing pattern (EN)

von Crafty Kooka
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  • finished size is approx 50cm (20")
  • well illustrated instructions
  • step-by-step sewing tutorial
  • patterns included


Bunny rabbit sewing pattern - make your very own bunny friend

Finished size is approx 50cm (20")

This Rabbit in NOT jointed, which makes it easier to make and gives you a softer "raggedy" look.


Full size pattern (no scaling required) with a seam allowance already added Just download, print and cut out the pattern. Detailed, easy to follow, step by step, well illustrated instructions. A list of material required

Skill level: confident beginner / Intermediate.

Crafty Kooka is an authentic cottage industry. All our indie sewing patterns are completely unique. We design and test all our own patterns in our workshop in rural Ireland.

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Diese Materialien brauchst du zu Hause:

  • You can use any fabric to make your kooka Rabbit. Be as creative as you like. We used wool felt for a warm huggable old fashioned feel but you can use whichever materials you like, cotton, Linen, plush, minky, etc, , You will need, , sewing machine, needle , thread, toy stuffing, scissors, doll needle, (A long hand sewing needle)
  • Embroidery thread for the eyes and mouth (safety eyes also work well)
  • Main fabric half-metre of quilting cotton (which is typically 112cm wide) would suffice - or 2 fat quarters, the rabbit looks gorgeous in cotton, linen, fleece, denim, corduroy, even baby clothes as a memory rabbit - the largest pattern piece is approximately 15cm x 30cm, so you can use small cuts of fabric you have in your stash.
  • Accent fabric 20cm x 52cm (8x20”) (for the foot pads and inside ears)
  • Skill level confident beginner / Intermediate.
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