Bunnies sewing pattern - ENGLISH version

--- Diese Anleitung gibt es auch in Deutsch: https://www.makerist.de/patterns/naehanleitung-und-schnittmuster-stoffpuppe-hase ---

Sew two cute bunnies with this easy to follow sewing tutorial.

The detailed illustrated tutorial makes sewing these cute bunnies so much fun and easy to do.

The bunnies are 30 cm tall when finished.

NOTE: When you order this pattern you will get an a4 sized pattern. If you live in the usa or canada you need a letter size pattern. I can send you the letter version if you need it after payment. Just sent me an email: info@mariskavos.nl

Das ist dabei:

  • illustrated tutorial
  • pattern
  • size 30 cm
  • for beginners

Du brauchst:

  • Baumwollstoff
  • Filz für Augen, Wangen und Nase
  • Füllmaterial
  • Nähgarn
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DIY Fluffies

DIY Fluffies soft toys patterns by Mariska Vos-Bolman.

I'm a dutch woman that loves to make plush monsters and animals. I also enjoy making jewelry. I'm also a mother of two very cute sons :)

I have graduated from the Utrecht School of Arts in the Netherlands. After that I have worked in the Video games industry until 2007, in 2007 I decided to start my own "designer soft toys" company.

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