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    • Real size patternin english, cut plane PDF A4 , US letter ok , print out in origin size , Detailed explanations, step by step with diagrams , Ideal for understanding the basics of seams (different shapes, lining, mix of materials, finishes, sewing stiches) , Beginner level


    A pouch that will find everywhere its place according to the desire of each! Pouch LEVEL very EASY for great beginner with a step by step in color with very detailed and simple diagram that will teach you many things. Closed by elastic and ribbon, fully lined with bottom. Depending on the fabric used, it will be done daily or evening. cotton is highly recommended for beginners.

    Copyright aude lorriot You cannot resell the Pattern, but you are welcome to sell any of the items made from my Pattern.

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    Diese Materialien brauchst du zu Hause:

    • Fabric width 110cm 120cm 140cm
    • (43,30 47,24 or 55,11in)
    • 2 rectangles of 35cm on 65cm (13,77/25,59 in)
    • 1 elastic 1.5cm or 2cm wide 22cm long (8,66 in)
    • 1 ribbon minimum width 0.6cm, length 80cm
    • (31,49 in)
    • Optional wadding at 35cm / 65cm (13,77/25,59 in)
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